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Wash GEC

Wash GEC Vacuum Lighting

Wash GEC Vacuum Lighting

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Introducing the GEC Vacuum Lighting System – Redefining Clarity in Car Care!

Enhance your carwash experience like never before with our cutting-edge GEC Vacuum Lighting System. Designed to illuminate and revolutionize your car cleaning routine. 

Ultra-Bright LED Illumination: Bid farewell to dimly lit corners. Our GEC Vacuum Lighting System features ultra-bright LED lights strategically positioned to cast a powerful and uniform illumination over your vehicle's interior and the vacuum area. Say hello to precision cleaning even in the darkest spots.

4ft 6000 lumens

6ft 9000 lumens

8ft 12000 lumens 

Sleek Aesthetics: Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your carwash facility. The sleek, modern design of the GEC Vacuum Lighting System not only enhances functionality but also adds a touch of sophistication to your service area.

Energy-Efficient: We prioritize sustainability. Our LED lighting technology is energy-efficient, keeping operational costs in check while providing an unmatched illumination experience.



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